The latest from Shimble with the endlessly probing, thoughtful Al Freed. Porcelain: Passion amidst the crockery. A mug of love found in terror. Delving into the vessel and emerging enthralled. On Spotify.

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Our beloved Zeta Zeta has been milked by Shimble and here is the result. The track is Crimewatch from Zeta Zeta’s latest album Dream Hotel on Blank Editions. Give that album a long whirl, it’s intrepid.

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The Healer will turn up at the subject's door, a friend who you have chosen for their sensitivity to the unusual.

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Send a friend to join Jarrod and his gang, where your friend can expect convention to be subverted and the roles typically attributed to them to be ignored. For 30 mins, your friend will be treated as a shaman, or a dunce, or an ex-convict, by Jarrod and his gang as they take him on a full throttle, character re-alignment exercise.

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Hot shivers, flesh to flesh, intimacy with the nether places.. Shimble's new song for communal sensation comes with an offer to Share Shivers at the quanch event..

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A thrown tapestry of music and vocal vignettes: Strange addictions, loss, the healer, Allan (counsellor from the other side), techno, synth, ambience..

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Give your friend a token to join a Creep Tour of London, promising an expert history of the city's supernatural underbelly.

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Threaded together by that rare and almighty chorus from the Duffinator, this is true folk music thrumming with the unlikely spirit of England’s innards.

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Speckle will soon offer fictions for hire: dramatic vignettes available able to order for delivery to a desired target.

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Speckle man Shimble explains the very many things to come, including the Fiction Factory, wilderness sonics and storying.

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Round about 40 minudos of Shimble in the mix for the download, full of grain, lively of the leg-–shake sorts.

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With much affection, we now present the first SpeckleRecord release. Making Feel and Why Would Who: throbbing, electric-house music for the reformed sex hound and sensual sound-boys. Come for the optical illusional video explanation.

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Speckle: a services organisation. With music, characters for hire and unusual merriment, all featured on the site and delivered to your special web spaces. All the services are coming soon so keep an eye on it all..

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The world of speckle record, speckle thoughts and more. We are a splinter of folk with melodies and material. Expect a lot of output here..

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