A night when dance and dreams blur ~ where you move to sounds that you’d also sleep for.

DJs playing beatless, spacious groove – SybilJames Holden – Inner Child Labour – Hidden Rung

In a cavernous dancehall in East London, Friday 8 December 10-3.30am.

Limited tickets: https://ra.co/events/1799650

This is an experimental event involving sporadic and inviting dance situations.

Our delicate team will be on hand to guide proceedings and maintain kind practice.


  • Plentiful drawing to communicate through silence and capture spirits. (Optional)
  • Games to incite movement to ambient music, including the Cloaked Dance Duel and Branch Pass. (Optional)
  • Two-hours of speechlessness i.e. no talking for all attendees – to aid musical immersion – (Mandatory)
  • Evocative readings and novel customs. (Optional)
  • Lying or sitting down calmly. (Optional)

Join us at Limehouse Town Hall, London E14 7HA. Last entry 1am.

With zones for dancing and for lying down. Please bring blankets and full-body cloaks/capes.

Tickets: https://ra.co/events/1799650

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Novel tactile customs

The night will feature encounters such as:

» Masked motion collabetition – a parade of masked, veiled, robed, disguised participants, each rising to produce evocative dances to a soundtrack of ambient grooves.

» Hands – figures appear at the front of the hall as the music played. The audience are invited to meet the hands of the figures, for motion and sharing.

Tickets at https://ra.co/events/1799650