We celebrate Shimble’s song healer (now available) with a new fictionsForYou (free) available for your friends.

The Healer will turn up at the subject’s door, a friend who you have chosen for their sensitivity to the unusual. The Healer, a man dressed in sharp and quizzical tones, presents himself, presents his spiel, uncannily informed of your friend’s present situation and possible frailties.

He proceeds to make quaint diagnoses and suggests frivolous and enchanting solutions, far from the realm of your subject’s daily existence.

Healer: “…good afternoon Peter, i’m earnest, brought here by your tempers.. i’ve come to say, clearly, that you mustn’t let these database concerns drown you. we see it taking its toll and… i suggest a trip to your aunt Aurelia’s; her piglets will be sure to quell this data-driven slump. Use Aurelia’s animals as therapy. i trust it will relieve you more than you’d care to admit.”

Peter: [uneasy] “Who the hell are you? Mate… wherever you got all this stuff from, it’s not ok to doorstep me with family facts. You give me the willies.. Where’ve you come from?”

The Healer is real. We will put you in touch, have him visit a friend or relative who he has never met. He will doorstep them, diagnose on the spot with preposterous verbiage and invite himself inward to deal with the problem, potions in his satchel, solutions on his mind.

Do you know someone who would like his assessment? We will find a suitable time to surprise them.

Booking enquiries please, forth come.. home visits and phone-calls available as well as bespoke appearances to suit your needs.

Get the song now to hear the healer..