This year, we will be at Fusion Festival in Germany, presenting Jarrod’s Escape, a new Speckle Fiction4You.

Send a friend to join Jarrod and his gang, where your friend can expect convention to be subverted and the roles typically attributed to them to be ignored. For 30 mins, your friend will be energetically treated as a shaman, a dunce, or an ex-convict, by Jarrod and his gang as they take him on a full throttle, character re-alignment exercise.

Applauding, goading and testing him, the gang will show your mate what it’s like to be someone else, and under the spotlight.


Jarrod himself is an odd and charming gent whose environment brings a wealth of surprises. His gang a roving mis-shape of English motor-mouths and malcontents.

If you will be at Fusion, and want to book you or a friend in for the ride, get in touch asap, places are limited >> [email protected]  Meet place by Wagen Burger..