Speckle will soon offer fictions for hire. These dramatic vignettes will be available to order for delivery to your desired target.

You may have a friend or relative who you feel would benefit from one of our unusual theatrical concoctions, brought directly to them, at home or elsewhere in the unsuspecting flow of daily life.

Our characters will envelop them in situations of intensity and emotion, memorable encounters of edifying proportion. Like our first scenario, coming to a doorstep near you in the coming months..

The Runaway Lass

She came eerily from the cold outdoors, knocking at the door in distress.

A young girl, perhaps 15 years of age, dishevelled, desperate, saying she was lost and needing a place to stay. She said she only needed one night, reducing her plea to a few hours in response to my palpable reluctance.

Her thick Italian accent made the facts hard to extract, but it seemed she was running from the family home her school exchange had placed her in.

I wanted to help, but it was all so troubling and frantic. I posed questions to hold her at bay before finally letting her small and tortured figure into the house. I led her into the living room as my housemates lurked high in the stairwell, studiously avoiding the unfolding.

I now felt swamped in the very stuff of Crimewatch reconstructions, something surreal yet so immediate. Attempting to summon my inner counsellor, I began making her a cup of tea and asked if she could say more of her struggle.

The Boyf

Then another rap at the door. I jolted, now on edge, sensing another ominous turn. Her face scrunched with renewed horror, quickening my concern.

I turned to the door as she popped up with knowing alarm.


What truly happened that night, I’ll never quite know.


If you’re interested in commissioning our team to bring The Runaway Lass into the life of a friend or loved one, get in touch. We will work with you and their co-residents to arrange a suitable delivery time and atmosphere.

We make rigorous efforts to ensure nobody is harmed in the production of these scenes. An explanatory courtesy card can be dropped off soon after performance for reassurance and resolution.