The following is a work in progress sketch.

130 individuals had signed up for the event. We had made lengthy preparations, such that the grand Hall would fluidly accommodate the activities we had planned.

They were greeted at the entryway by Merrill, who was seated and well-dressed, and had that byzantine arrangement of paper apparatus and whatnot strewn across the table to help allocation of guests.

A variety of Associations were available to participants. Here are a selection.

Association type one

Guests would sign up for this game if they were interested in exploring tactile intimacy with people whom they might not naturally have done so with. The first group of guests, are brought into a room, distributed, evenly on either side of a partition, like a curtain hanging from the ceiling, and a table running along underneath the curtain, at which they may sit.

When the host indicates that it’s time for them to begin, they place their hands on the table. It’s just underneath the curtain where they will find the hands of another, someone who is sitting right in front of them but whom they can’t see, due to the curtain. They begin to hold hands and play with them in which ever way they see fit.

This lasts for five minutes.

The host then passes round the paper upon which they describe their experience, and whether they would like another round of tactility with that individual.

Note: whilst this ’hand helping’, as described above, can in later rounds lead to sensuous and even erotic interactions, the initial round shouldn’t be treated as that. It is just a conversation between hands which, like other conversations, can involve mere curiosity and charm of a platonic sort. The following rounds should be conducted if suitable to your situation.

They are then moved around and get to fondle another set of hands, always anonymously. They continue rotating like this.

After all this has been done, those who note down that they would be interested in pursuing tactility with someone who also wanted to with them, are then taken to the cuddling room, blindfolded, where they are then matched with the person whose hands they liked, and they are guided to cuddle. Again, notes are taken, and if they’ve liked that, they are then taken together to a darkened cupboard with soft furnishings on the ground where dreams can be made.