Another dawdle, where soft and winding sounds accompany stargazing and woodland frolics.

From 11pm to 3am we will listen to music towards portals, play with sticks, hear tales, and share verdant customs of the night, like branch dance and nettle whipping.

This will also be an evening of dancing to “ambient” sounds: move along to burbling synths and subtle sonics. Or just lay down and gaze up.

Please donate £5 to support our costs:

_The location was revealed on the night.


Arrive 11pm on Saturday. This is a dark, slightly isolated woodland location, so bring blankets, cushions or whatever you want to stay warm and comfortable.

You will probably pass residential areas on your journey. Please be discrete, travel quietly. This is a ceremony for those who know, only bring friends.

Bring a red torch or bike light – we aim for low light throughout the night. BYOB and water.

Please talk by whispering all night. And not at all 12-2am (speechless hours).

We create the space. Look out for each other. Leave no trace.

Sounds like:

Please chuck £5 to help create this:

More details to come. Join us..