To muse or to move.. As a classic lecture plays over the soundsystem, a dreamy accompaniment of winding electronics provides a groove for those who wish to glide to the music.

In this mix, we hear Ursula Franklin’s masterful exploration of technology as a social practice of control. @innerchildlabour and Speckle urge movement through a parallel soundtrack.

With the Muse or Move series, we explore acoustic collages that combine intellectual enquiry with bodily motion. You may absorb ideas as you dance?

We plan to bring Muse or Move to a Speckle event soon. Get our emails for info:

Lecture source:


– Andrew Chalk – A New Heaven
– Konntinent – Collo and Orro
– DJ Batman – Hello Darkness Old Friend
– Martyna Basta – Podszepnik I
– Mouse on Mars – Glam
– Jean-Yves Labat – Relax Goliath
– Matthewdavid’s Mindflight – A meditation on events in 2016
– The Durutti Column – Opera II
– Grauzone – Maikfer Flieg
– Igor Stangliczky – Danube
– Speckle – Pendulae
– Loscil – Iona

“An experiment, and how strange, how special it was to see the dancefloor, with folks gliding around to the sounds, and others floating as they listened as they found the ideas percolating all the more effectively as they were invited to move whilst receiving them..”