The Healer will turn up at the subject's door, a friend who you have chosen for their sensitivity to the unusual.

Categories: commotion, music, services

Hot shivers, flesh to flesh, intimacy with the nether places.. Shimble's new song for communal sensation comes with an offer to Share Shivers at the quanch event..

Categories: commotion, music

A thrown tapestry of music and vocal vignettes: Strange addictions, loss, the healer, Allan (counsellor from the other side), techno, synth, ambience..

Categories: music, unsettlement

Round about 40 minudos of Shimble in the mix for the download, full of grain, lively of the leg-–shake sorts.

Categories: music

Making Feel and Why Would Who: throbbing, electric-house music for the sensual sound-boi. Come for the optic-illusional video explanation.

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