Here’s a quick explainer of the Carousel organisation group (on Signal). In that group, we arrange Carousel meetups, which is where an even number of folk gather in e.g. a park, each bringing a short entertainment that they’ve selected to share with one other person.

They then spend 10 mins sharing with one other participant, both giving a poem, story, song, or anything else that might entertain (your imagination)…

After that, one of each pair moves around the Carousel and shares with the next person. Eventually, half of them have enjoyed the other half’s activity, and the Carousel concludes.

Hopefully, everyone will have been entertained and met some new folk.

In the group, people can call a Carousel event, stating a time, date and location (e.g. Shoreditch park, st Paul’s cathedral). Members indicate their keenness to join e.g. “I’m free and I’d love to! Number 1”, until enough members have signed up (usually at least 10) and the event isĀ held.